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Important Health Info to Remember


The following information are some simple guidelines that can help save your life and the lives of your loved ones. Please share this information to create awareness and potentially help save a life.


120/80 — Normal
130/85 –Normal (Control)
140/90 — High
150/95 — V.High


72 per minute (standard)
60 — 80 p.m. (Normal)
40 — 180 p.m.(abnormal)


98.4 F (Normal)
99.0 F Above (Fever)



What’s Your Type and how common is it?

O+ 1 in 3 37.4%
(Most common)

A+ 1 in 3 35.7%

B+ 1 in 12 8.5%

AB+ 1 in 29 3.4%

O- 1 in 15 6.6%

A- 1 in 16 6.3%

B- 1 in 67 1.5%

AB- 1 in 167 .6%

Compatible Blood Types

O- can receive O-

O+ can receive O+, O-

A- can receive A-, O-

A+ can receive A+, A-, O+, O-

B- can receive B-, O-

B+ can receive B+, B-, O+, O-

AB- can receive AB-, B-, A-, O-

AB+ can receive AB+, AB-, B+, B-, A+, A-, O+, O-

This is an important msg which can save a life! A life could be saved…
What is ur blood group?
Share the fantastic information…



We Know Water is important but never knew about the Special Times one has to drink it.. !

Did you know Drinking 1 Glass of Water at the Right Time Maximizes its effectiveness on the Human Body?

One Glass of Water after waking up – helps to activate internal organs…

One Glass of Water 30 Minutes before a Meal – helps digestion…

One Glass of Water before taking a Bath – helps lower your blood pressure.

One Glass of Water before going to Bed – avoids Stroke or Heart Attack.




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