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The life of every one of the body’s 100 trillion cells is the blood. It is naturally a clean flowing river of life and defense for the whole body. When the health and balance of the blood becomes compromised through nutritionally deficient, processed, and toxic foods, acidic and refined beverages, polluted environments and unhealthy lifestyle habits, this free-flowing life-sustaining river begins to resemble more of a swamp, becoming a toxic, sluggish environment where harmful bacteria, parasites and other organisms can breed. This can affect biological system function and all kinds of ill health gradually emerge.


The Live Blood Analysis Process

The Live Blood Analysis also called Live Blood Cell Analysis is a simple and practically painless one needing only a small sample of capillary blood from the finger. The blood is screened using both living and suspended blood through three modalities, Phase Contrast, Darkfield and Oxidative Stress Test.


Phase Contrast

Phase Contrast

The sample of capillary blood is taken from the finger and viewed under the microscope in its live state. The light illuminating the blood sample is refracted, which makes it appear grey in color to enhance the visibility of different components in the blood. This modality of screening can help determine:

  • the effectiveness of the cells to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • how well the cells are utilizing nutrition and water that is coming into the body
  • how well food is being digested and assimilated
  • the presence and valence of fungal, micro-organisms
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • the pH (acid or alkaline) of the body
  • plus more …….
Dark Field


In this modality blood is also looked at in its live state. This time though light illuminates the sample from the side while on a dark background. This helps the sample glow and can reveal the most minute components of the blood sample. Common observations of this modality include:

  • the inflammatory response of the body
  • parasitic and bacterial activity
  • the response and effectiveness of the immune system
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • the bodies susceptibility to infections
  • the crystallization of  cholesterol, triglycerides and plaque
  • the effectiveness of the lymphatic system
  • plus more….
Oxidative Stress Test

Oxidative Stress Test (Dry Blood Analysis)

The Oxidative Stress Test, also known as the dry blood analysis, is the most important modality we look at. It can give you a clear picture on areas you need to emphasize when engaging your healthy lifestyle change. In this modality the sample of blood is left to dry exposed to the atmosphere. This can help determine:

  • weakness in different organs and systems of the body
  • the intensity and rate at which the body is aging or degenerating
  • how well the body is eliminating toxic waste
  • the level of risk for different lifestyle diseases
  • the genetic weaknesses or strength of the client

The client gets to view their blood live on screen as it is functioning in the body and participate in the whole educational process of their Live Blood Analysis.

The Live Blood Analysis is not used as a diagnostic tool, but is more an educational process to reveal how our choices, habits and response to life’s stresses are putting us at risk for chronic illnesses; and to empower individuals to take personal responsibility for a more effective and disease-free life.


Preparation for the Assessment


This assessment takes approximately 60 minutes. Clients are to fast for 4 hours prior to their appointment time. Clients on medication are not to stop taking them. If medication cannot be taken on an empty stomach, they may have fruit or salad and can drink water or a warm cup of herbal tea without milk or sugar. A heavy meal must be avoided. Those not on medications may have only small amounts of pure water or the herbal tea only if they need to.


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