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Our free consultation is geared towards guiding you on the right path to health. Our health-care program is very effective in improving the health and well-being of our clients, but  we’ve realized that there are individuals who are dealing with health concerns that we may not have all the resources to provide the best healthcare plan for, but because of our experience in the holistic health care field (over 20 years) we are able to guide them to organisations that do have those resources to help make their healthcare program more complete.   For example, there are clients who are dealing with certain types of degenerative conditions that are at a stage that needs rigorous treatments that we just don’t facilitate. So instead of paying to do our assessment, that money can now go towards other treatment that will be more beneficial to them.  It is all about you the client getting the best out of your healthcare program. Let us help guide you on this path to a healthier level of living.

Please contact us at 663-6679 or 716-4473 to book your free consultation.


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