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Fat Loss Assessment


So you want to get to a healthy weight but you don’t know where to start, or you are trying everything to lose weight but don’t seem to be getting anywhere. We are here to help you on your journey.

 Introducing our Fat Loss Assessment

Most people don’t need to lose weight, they need to lose fat. When someone lose weight they lose mainly muscle and water weight, not fat. Losing muscle can cause flabbiness and losing water can cause the skin to look wrinkly. This assessment will give you a very good foundation  for a healthy fat loss program. We will help guide you to a healthy weight in the fastest time possible.

What do you Get

Our Fat Loss Assessment is a 15-20 minutes consultation that includes the following:

  • Body composition analysis – a look at your weight and its composition of fat, muscle and water
  • Projected Weight – an approximate calculation of what your weight and composition should be based on your height, age and frame
  • Healthy Eating Plan – a healthy diet plan to help ensure you’re getting proper nutrition as you go through your program
  • Recommended Supplements – these supplements may be recommended to help with providing nutrition, assist in regulating metabolism, or both depending on the individual
  • Blood Pressure Test – to help guide us in recommending the right exercise protocol for you, your blood pressure will be tested

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