About Us

Our Concept

Inner-Life Consulate for Wholeness (ICW) is a 21st century kingdom ministry that represents the government of the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth. Its representation comes through the God inspired concept called - Kingdom Health: The BioTheology of Wholeness which is inspired to bring mankind into a life of righteousness through the wholeness of holiness.

Our Philosophy 

The Kingdom Health concept is based on a philosophy of wholeness unfolding from the understanding of Bio-Theology. BioTheology is a combination of the two words, “Biology” and “Theology.” Biology is the study and understanding of the human anatomy and physiology and its functional design. Theology is the study of the nature of God and His interaction in the affairs of mankind.

Our Approach

Wholeness is the highest level of living man can attain to. It therefore cannot be improved upon. It is man’s original design bearing the nature and character of God and unfolded through the understanding of the Holy Scriptures in 1 Thess. 5:23.

Our Services

Pioneering approaches to lifestyle wellness and disease prevention that inspires, empowers and transforms lives every day.

Colon Hydrotherapy

To Maintain Good Health & Prevent Disease The most important system within the human body is the digestive system. When…

3D Whole-Life Wellness Assessment

How Much At Risk Are You? Never before in the history of the human race has there been more of…

BioResonance Assessment

BioResonance™ Assessment The Human body is a marvelous design of approximately 100 trillion cells which make up all organs and…

Live Blood Analysis

Your Health - A Reflection of Your Life The life of every one of the body’s 100 trillion cells is…

Ionic Foot Detox

The Ionic Foot Detox is a safe and effective way of removing toxic bio-accumulation from deep within the tissues and…

Far Infrared Saunas

Infrared heat is not foreign to our health as the body itself radiates infrared heat through the skin at around…

Our blog

Keeping you up to date with the latest in Wholistic health care.


A collection of healthy recipes.

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Zucchini Tortillas is a healthier alternative to traditional taco shells made from white flour. Zucchini tortillas are made with arrowroot…

Flour-less Pancakes

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